Three Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Catholic Junior High School


If you are a parent of a child that is finishing their last year of elementary school and about to start middle school, you may be thinking about alternatives to the public school system. There are many concerns you are likely to have about your child's education as they move into their teenage years. A Catholic junior high school may be the solution to your concerns. The following are a few reasons to enroll your child in this type of private school.

The students dress in school uniforms

One of the problems with public schools is a weak dress code. There are so many possible ways boys and girls can come to school dressed, and it can be a distraction to your child when learning. It's not just clothing but also flamboyant colors, hair styles and jewelry to name only a few examples. There is far greater control over this in Catholic schools, and it begins with uniforms. Since everyone is dressed the same, there is no distraction to your child's education nor a feeling of competition based upon how you dress.

Boys and girls are often taught separately

Sometimes this will take the form of an all boy's or all girl's school, but sometimes the girls and boys are simply taught separately in the same schools. Boys and girls often learn various subjects differently, and on top of this, there are less obstacles to learning. Girls can sometimes feel intimidated by boys in class and will not contribute as much nor raise their hand with a question. And as children enter puberty, there is the obvious distraction that can be a roadblock to learning. This takes on even greater significance in high school. Even in coeducational classrooms, parochial schools have greater control over their students and are able to keep this distraction to a minimum.

Academic standards are high

Because these schools are private, they are not under many of the pressures educators in the public sector are. Problem students can be removed from the classroom, and in extreme cases, they can be expelled more readily than public schools. Of course, because parents are paying tuition, they are motivated to discipline their children at home, so Catholic school educators can focus on instruction.

You don't have to be Catholic to enroll your child in a Catholic junior high school. You will be surprised to find out how many parents whose children are in a parochial school are not of this faith. On a fundamental level, what makes this type of private schooling attractive is the that your child will be given a very good education, and he or she will be well prepared for college.


14 June 2019

Why Catholic Schools Can be Right for Non-Catholic Families

I am a mom and a former teacher, and I have chosen to send my children to a Catholic school even though we are not Catholic. My name is Laura, and I hope you will keep an open heart and mind as you discover the reasons for a Catholic education for children of any faith. My kids are getting an amazing education, and Catholic schools today do not cause non-Catholics to feel left out or lacking. If you are interested in a solid education for your children, consider a Catholic school. You may find that it is the perfect choice for your family.