4 Healthy Habits All Kids Need To Master For Prep School


Children and teenagers need to develop certain skills and habits to prepare them to thrive in private prep school. Yes, prep school is a place of great learning, but so many first lessons start at home. Whether your children are attending a boarding school or one where they can come each day, be sure they establish these four healthy habits before school starts.

Center A Morning and Afternoon Routine Around School

Prep school students need to have morning and afternoon routines that are centered around helping them excel in school. The morning routine should include eating a healthy breakfast that will help them feel good and stay focused throughout the day. The afternoon routine should center around finishing homework and doing extracurricular activities to support their education. Allow students to take control of their routine as they show a greater sense of responsibility.

Develop a Positive Internal Dialogue

Positive self-talk can help you sustain joy and is used to help people overcome depression. The way young people talk to themselves is an often-overlooked aspect of youth, but it can have a big impact on mental health and ultimately how well a child or teen does in school. If your child or teen has a hard time with positive self-talk, a therapist can help them rework how they speak to themselves, and that can help them do well in school and life.

Participate in Class and Cultivate Confidence

Too many students rob themselves of the enjoyment of learning. When students are proactive about classroom participation, they can more fully engage and enjoy the learning process. Not only can this be good for their overall grade, but it can help them retain the information that's presented in class. It helps young people learn how to gracefully accept when they get something wrong. On the other side of that, it helps build confidence when they get things right.

Ask for Help When It's Needed

Young people need to learn how to ask for help when they need it. So much strife can be avoided if they recognize that they are in over their head and go to an adult to help solve a large problem. On the other hand, kids need to learn how to solve smaller things for themselves. Have ongoing discussions to help students discern what they can handle and how to recognize red flags that signal they need help.

Finally, explain why each habit is important if kids resist. Also, try to go easy on yourself and your kids if they rebel against a healthy habit or two. Nevertheless, be persistent and help guide them to stay on the right track. Look for a college prep school in your area.


21 September 2020

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