3 Things To Consider Before Donating to an Educational Charity or School Group


Before you make a donation to an educational non-profit organization or school, like St Anne Catholic School, you need to do your homework and make sure that your donation will be used appropriately and for the purpose that it was intended. Here are three things to check out and consider before you go through with a donation to a non-profit education organization. #1 How Much of Your Money Will Be Used To Further the Mission

8 May 2017

Preschoolers And Pica: What You Need To Know


Getting your child ready for preschool can be a hair-raising experience, especially if they continue to show signs of pica. Pica is a disease that causes a psychological impulse to eat non-digestible items, such as hair, cigarette butts, and dirt. Understanding this condition can help you and your child's teacher deal with and treat this problem. Understanding Pica Causes Children with pica can't help it: it's a pathological condition that creates an impulse that can be impossible to fight.

6 May 2015